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Using The Site

Site Purpose
Whilst this site will only allow retailers to order Eddingtons products, any member of the public may view Eddingtons fine range of cookware and kitchenware and use the Contact Us page to enquire the whereabouts of the nearest stockists.

For an overview of the pages available, please see the Site Map.

Navigating the Eddingtons website works as follows: a main menu (horizontal bar) runs across the top of each page (below the Eddingtons banner) and takes you to the following sections or pages: Home; Products; Brands; Trade; Help & Info. A (vertical) sub-menu to the left of each page changes according to the initial selection from the main menu (horizontal bar). N.B. The Trade sub-menu is only available to logged on trade account holders.


Finding A Product
You can find the products you are looking for by navigating through product categories and groups, brands and ranges, or by using the search box.


To find an item by navigating through the product categories or brands, click on either Products or Brands in the main menu to go to the beginning of the entire catalogue, or click on a specific category or brand under Products or Brands in the sub-menu (to the left of most pages). Product groups or ranges appear underneath each category or brand as a category or brand is selected. Click on each of these groups or ranges in turn to find what you are looking for. You can also click on a picture for the product categories or a brand logo. Clicking on a product thumbnail or short item description will take you to a detailed view for the respective item.

To search for specific items, enter a word, phrase or item code in the Search Box (near the top left of each page), click the Go button or press enter on your keyboard. You can enter up to 3 search words or phrases. Matching items appear as a list. Clicking on an item within this list brings up the item in detail and any group related items.

New Products
New products can be viewed by clicking Products on the main menu and clicking on New Products within the ensuing sub-menu on the left of the page.

The Following Is Applicable To New Customers (Trade Only)

New Online Accounts
To view prices and pack sizes and to place orders, you must complete a two step process:

Step 1: Fax or post our downloadable Application For Trading Account. To get you started, we will issue you with a temporary account code and password by 'phone or email which will allow you to view prices, pack sizes and trade information but not place orders.

Step 2: Once you are credit approved, we will issue you with a permanent account code by 'phone or email and ask that you use this when you complete the Register New Online Account form. You will then be able to log on with your new account code and password and place orders.

Logging On (Returning Customers)
To go to the Logon page, click Help & Info on the main menu which will open the Site Map and click on the Logon link (under the Trade Only list of links). Please enter your account code and password on the Logon page and click on the Logon button. N.B. both account codes and passwords are case sensitive. Logged on users will see pack sizes in brackets at the end of each item's short description.

We ask you only to enter those details required for new account processing and to allow us to inform you of our services.

Changing Account Details & Resetting Forgotten Passwords
To change your account details, log on with your account code and password, click on Help & Info on the main menu and click on the My Account link on the Site Map (under the list of Trade Only links). N.B. you must not change your account code. Doing so will prevent you from accessing this part of the site! If you forget your password, click on the Forgotten Password link (also shown on the Logon page). An email containing a special link will be sent to you. By clicking on the link contained in the email, you will be able to proceed to the Reset Password page where you should enter and confirm a new password. You can then log on with your existing account code and the new password.

Hi-Resolution Pictures & Video
Logged on customers can download high resolution pictures and video for our products. Where available, these appear as links under each full item description in 'detail view'.

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The Following Is Applicable To Credit Approved Customers (Trade Only)

To place an item in your shopping basket, either in 'list view' or 'detail view', enter the quantity (next to the Buy button) and click on the Buy button.

You may alter the contents of your basket at any time by selecting Basket from the main menu. You can alter the quantity for an item or remove it altogether by clicking in the checkbox in the remove column. When you have made your changes you must click the Recalculate button to update the basket.

To continue shopping, click the Shop button and continue selecting items until you have completed your order. The shopping basket is displayed after each item is added and may be viewed at any time. When you have finished shopping, please click on the Checkout button to proceed to the Checkout page.

Once you reach the Checkout page, simply confirm your order requirements, add any special comments (e.g. delivery address, delivery times etc.), agree to our terms and click Proceed. You will be redirected to a confirmation page which will advise that your order was successfully placed or otherwise. A follow up acknowledgement will be sent by email to confirm the details of your order.

Promotions & Favourites
Credit approved customers who have logged on can view promotional items. These appear within the normal product listings but can also be reached from a special sub-menu option called Promotions (on the left of the page) by clicking Trade on the main menu or via the Site Map. In a similar way, customers who have previously placed orders can quickly order products via a Favourites sub-menu option, also reached by the Trade main menu option or Site Map.

Orders & EPOS Downloads
You can view a list of successfully placed Orders and download an EPOS file (CSV) for ordered items by clicking on any web reference number appearing as a link on the Orders page. You can also get a full EPOS Download file (CSV) for the entire range of Eddingtons products via the EPOS Download sub-menu option. Order Downloads and EPOS Download appear as sub-menu options when Trade is selected from the main menu. If you are not already logged on, you will need to enter your account code and password and click the Logon button on the Logon page.

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